About us

A)-Our Terrior-Soil & Climate Terrior is a French word that describes well a multitude of factors that come in to play to offer the best conditions for the growing, curing, drying & aging of tobacco leaves to then hand roll them into a fine premium cigar. The Reyes Family Tobacco farm in Navarrette is located in the Valle del Yaque, the Dominican valley equivalent of the famous Cuban Vuelta Abajo area. The climate is great for tobacco growing most years because the region has an average of 145 cm, ( 65 inches), of rain a year, but what is most important is that it only rains 5 cm , ( 2 inches) a month from November to May, when the tobacco is growing & then drying. This together with the favourable composition of the soil make the sub-regions of the Valle del Yaque one of the best places in the world to grow, cure, ferment & dry tobacco for cigars. B)-Our leaves- Growing, Curing, fermenting, selecting & ageing them The normal growing time of year starts in November, after the hurricane season & the last priminga��s, (pickings), are usually done in March. 2010-2011 was one of the best growing years in the last decades. We enjoyed dry hot autumn days, with fresh evenings & nights. The morning dew did not start until late December, keeping the blue mildew to a minimum. It did not rain during the priminga��s, nor the all important curing period. When the rainy season started in May the tobacco was ready for its various fermentations in our warehouses. Perfect timing as the humidity is then required. Rolling our cigars All our cigars are hand rolled in the center of tobacco country Santiago de Los Caballeros. the second largest city of the DR, with over 1 million inhabitants, has the perfect environment for cigar rolling. 4 centuries of expertise & techniques are present here with many rollers that have more than 5 generations of cigar making in their ancestry. Our cigars are rolled to the tune of meringue music, the delicious smell of fine tobaccos & great Dominican coffee aroma. The Reyes factory run by Augusto the younger brother of Leo has over 500 rollers but only 24 true craftsmen & women have been selected to make Puros de Hostos. Then the carefully selected expert a�? Torcedora�? hand rolls each cigar according to the blend of tobacco leaves assigned to him by the a�?capataza�? or foreman & then he completes the masterpiece by placing a beautiful & smooth wrapper around the rolled bundle. Then comes a rigorous quality control process where up to 10% of the rolled cigars are rejected & their tobacco is used for our packing process, unique in using loose tobacco to protect cigars instead of cellophane. Final selection & packing Once we have an order, the required amount of cigars are brought to our packing facility where we perform the last classification of the different shades of wrappers. 100 or more cigars are placed side by side & 20 are chosen at a time, for their homogeneous shades of browns. Our VP of logistics & operations, Jean Michel Louis, originally from Belgium but now Dominican by heart, is responsible for the training the quality control managers that ensure that every time you open one of our boxes the first sense of sight will be very pleased by the exquisiteness of our cigars. We then proceed to place the rings & if they are personalized the second bands & perhaps one of the most characteristic modus operandi of Puros de Hostos is to pack the cigars firmly in tobacco within the wooden cedar box. In blind tastings I can easily distinguish between the same cigars that have been; ones packed in cellophane & the others in our premium tobacco. Wood, especially cedar, will permeate through to the cigar. In my opinion the first 6 months a cigar is in a box the acidity that imposes the wood on the cigar is to high & it negatively changes the flavors & aromas of the cigar. With time this acidity tends to lessen making the cigar more harmonious. However our solution of packing Puros de Hostos cigars with a foot band to protect the lower tip & to pack in loose tobacco, adds great notes of the flavors & aromas we want in our smokes. Even though I recommend you let your cigars rest at least 1 month in its box, with our packing technique the next day of being packed our cigars are delicious & offer a perfect balance.