Cigar smoking is truly one of lifeai??i??s greatest adult pleasures. Here, I donai??i??t want to argue the scientific & medical pros & cons of tobacco smoking, but please understand that smoking a premium hand rolled cigar has absolutely nothing to do with cigarettes. A well cooked meal, made with organic ingredients, paired with a balanced & properly aged wine; then followed by a fine, harmoniously selected cigar, has nothing, but absolutely nothing to do with fast food, distilled alcohol mixed with soft drinks & cigarettes.
There is of course a question of price; however letai??i??s put it in to context; to achieve a state of well being & wellness moderation is key. Two glasses of red wine a day have shown in many studies to be beneficial for oneai??i??s health for various reasons. Two bottles a day of 40% alcohol will be surely fatal. There are even medical studies that show benefits from smoking one or two cigars a day. Smoking two packs a day will also surely be fatal. Therefore, I invite all of you to join me on our voyage to discover together ai???Puros de Hostosai???,

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